Selected Pedigrees

A Short Sketch of the Life of Elder Josoeph Hartley

Other Hartley Stories 

Selected Ancestors of

Edmund Waller Hartley &

Ann Elizabeth Whitlow;

with selected descendants of
John Hartley & Rebecca



First I must take responsibility for any errors that may occur in this document, and there are maybe more than a few, but unknown to me. I have gathered much of the material from the internet. I have tried to double check sources where possible, but in many cases I was forced to rely solely on the research of others.


This document is intended primarily for the descendants of Edmund Waller Hartley and his wife Ann Elizabeth Whitlow. I chose to focus on these individuals because they came to Oregon in 1865, settled near Macleay, Marion County, Oregon, and are the ancestors of many of the Hartleys who lived in or moved away from the Willamette Valley in Oregon.


I have tried to arrange the material in this document so it is easy to follow. However, I recognize that there must be some “back and forth” in order to cover several lines of ancestors. To help you track these several lines as you read this document I have shown the children and some ancestors of Edmund Waller Hartley and Ann Elizabeth Whitlow below.


I have also included a copy of A Short Sketch of the Life of Elder Joseph Hartley from which much of the material about this line of Hartleys comes.



Charles L. Hartley



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